Creative, a Dicembre arriverà la piattaforma Zii per cellulari

16 Novembre 2009 0

Creative si è già affacciata al mondo Android con l'interfaccia Plaszma e il Creative Zii EGG di cui abbiamo parlato spesso QUI e sembra voler continuare lo sviluppo sulla piattaforma Android introducendo lo Zii Phone. A dicembre verrà infatti presentata la piattaforma Zii Creative per cellulari e probabilmente il prossimo anno vedremo un nuovo Androd Phone targato Creative. Altri dettagli al momento non sono emersi.

Di seguito la press realease inglese del summit:

As each day passes by, we are getting closer to the Zii Summit which is going to be held on 1st and 2nd of Dec 2009. Now we have more news about the agenda or programme highlights for this major event. Creative's subsidiary ZiiLabs is going to provide Zii service to its OEM partners or manufacturers to make it easier for them to use the Zii chip to develop their consumer products.

The line-up of devices on display include: a Touch Tablet PC, a Netbook, a Web-Box, a 360o Multi-View Camera System, ultra high-performance Speakers, a Piano Keyboard for the PC, and a Portable e-Book Reader. This is the MediaBook Creative was talking about earlier. This is to show how versatile or flexible the Zii chip ZMS-05 or ZMS-08 can do. Just like a stemcell, it can evolve itself into many different forms or consumer products.

But the main highlight is the Zii Optimized Android Mobile Phone. Yes! Creative is finally entering the highly competitive but very lucrative cellphone market and will be wrestling with big names such as Nokia and Apple to again market share again.

Zii Services
Zii Services is the ideal solution for content and OEM partners, giving them the potential to create future entertainment and education solutions. For content partners, Zii Services gives you the platform on which to place your content. For OEM partners, Zii Services offer you content that transforms your product into a compelling value proposition. The highlight of the Zii Services suite is ZiiMeet, the Next Generation Video Conferencing System. ZiiMeet is a scalable Multi-Purpose, Multi-View, Multi-User, Multi-Platform, Multi-Medium, Multi-Party collaborative system. This flexible system gives partners a huge potential for business opportunities!

Zii Powered Devices
A range of OEM-ready Zii Powered devices will be showcased - powered by ZiiLABS ZMS-05 and ZMS-08 media-rich application processors. The line-up of devices on display include: a Touch Tablet PC, a Netbook, a Web-Box, a 360o Multi-View Camera System, ultra high-performance Speakers, a Piano Keyboard for the PC, and a Portable e-Book Reader. But the highlight of our devices line-up is our Mobile Phone platform. ZiiLABS ushers in a new era of explosive high definition 3D with the Zii Optimized Android Phone platform. The Zii Optimized Android Phone platform gives developers the chance to use the familiar Android OS, but with a difference. Harnessing StemCell Computing Technology found on the ZMS-05 Media Rich Processor, Android is now super-charged with seamless 3D graphics and High Definition video playback performance.
* Phone with Fully featured Android Platform
* OpenGL ES 3D graphics
* 1080p HD video output
* Accelerated video, graphic and imaging
* Full integration with SurfaceFlinger
* High Quality Audio
* Enhanced User Interfaces
* Image Processing
* Accelerated Web Browsing

ZMS-08 Media Rich Applications Processor Chip
ZiiLABS Introduces ZMS-08 - the World's First 1080p Blu-ray Quality Handheld Media Processor.
* New ZMS-08 StemCell Processor Offers Faster, Lower Power Single Chip Solution
* Full H.264 HD 1080p Video Playback
* 720p Video Conferencing
* OpenGL ES 2.0 for X-Fi Audio and 1GHz ARM Cortex Application Acceleration





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